Engineering Organization experts visited the Baadband Factory

On March 3, 2012, 40 engineers and members of Iran's engineering organization visited Factory No. 1 (Parand), the construction company Baobband Engineering Company, located in Parand Industrial Town. Visitors are closely involved in the process of dredging the raw materials and transferring to the production unit, the cold and hot cutting operations, the initial and final assembly of the components and the welding process in different ways, and the rusting of the shot blast and sandblasting and staining and loading And carrying the materials made. The production of over 1,000 tons of all kinds of high quality metal products of high quality, with the use of a variety of small and large advanced and automatic machines, operators and experienced staff, was particularly appreciated by the visitors. Also, various engineering, technical, planning, quality control, safety and health, installation and other parts of the plant were visited. In the end, at a meeting with the company's CEO and the factory manager, the questions were answered about the process of the factory and the projects being implemented.