Organization Values

Baadband Values
1‏‎ - Customer Orientation and Value Creation for Customers
‏2‏‎. Respect for human capital and development of their capabilities‎
‏3‏‎. Observe the safety principles of the employees and suppliers of the company‎
‏4‏‎. Adhere to professional ethics and focus on healthy competition
‏5‏‎ - Pioneering through the use of creativity and innovation and learning
‏6‏‎. Responsibility and Creating a Sustainable Future‎
Our Vision
Baadband; Leading in "Designing and Manufacturing of Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal ‎Structures and Sketches", and "Designing and Building Construction of Buildings" for industrial ‎and construction projects in both domestic and foreign markets (Middle East) until ‎‏1402‏
Our Mission
Design and construction of steel structure and heavy steel structures and design, construction ‎and installation of industrial and construction projects