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Baadband industrial structure Engineering Co., relying on numerous trade and update technical knowledge and commitment to optimal quality was established in 1997 with the registration number 129980 with aim of calculating and estimating, designing, constructing and implementing heavy industrial steel structures of power plants, oil, gas and petrochemical industries and now it is carrying out infrastructure projects as well.

Baadband’s with 20 years performance highlights its great ability and potential in exclusive designing and manufacturing. moreover, execution and delivery on time multiple projects represent company’s willing and commitment to meet all employer’s demands.

With the benefit of expert and experienced personnel, Baadband Co. has proven its ability to execute huge projects by high quality in the shortest time. Using complete sets & modern machinery and equipment, considering new methods of implementation, using the world’s most updated software, strive to improve quality by adapting to the latest regulations and standards and staff perseverance. Furthermore, receiving numerous Appreciation Letters from employers reflect the staff efforts in this field and all we are doing is for the growth and development of Iran our dear country.

Baadband engineering company by obtaining 1st grade in construction and as a manufacturer of steel structures from Iran Management and organization, and receiving ISO3834-2 and relying on the company’s capabilities in implementing projects as EPC contracts is proud to be able to meet all employer’s needs in these fields.

Company Goals:

 Due to expansion and development of factories, we should participate more in industrial and construction projects, and equip them with the most modern machinery.
  Sustainable quality improvement of products based on international standards and using the most updated world-class software.
  Implementing EPC projects.

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Our Difference

Review Engineering Maps

In order to provide a solution to reduce the cost of the employer and ease of construction and installation for the contractor

Quality Control

The high precision of the design and construction of high quality structures as well as with the lowest percentage of errors

Execution with minority of incidents

With the HSE team based in the factory and installation workshops, and by providing successive training courses for staff to bring the percentage of possible incidents to their lowest levels