Baadband & Quality Management

Baadband and quality management


In order to achieve the highest quality objectives and coordinate quality control unit with the latest standards, BABBAND Company has achieved the principles of quality management at the top of its programs. Therefore, the first action of this unit for each project is to provide a quality design in accordance with its type, based on QC and QA standards, through the provision of documents including forms and collected information.

Quality design is the main document for QC and QA and includes the following:

QC Plan

Inspection Instructions

Coordination process between QC and QA departments with other sectors

Controlling documents as attachment in the final project file

Related forms such as inspection report, rent form, confirmation form

Inspection items according to technical specifications

 Materials purchasing

Confirmation of Machine Performance

Quality assurance methods

QC and QA unit services include:

 Providing data documentation

Preparing and setting up inspection instructions while researching to achieve the latest standards

Preparing and arranging documentation forms as attachment to the final project file

Define coordination process between QC sections with other sections

Training, exchanging and harmonizing information between QC and other departments

Level Certification and personnel competence and preparation the required WPQ and Welders Badges

Determine the items and inspection stations according to the technical specifications of work

Determine inspection methods

Stopping point: control activities parts that should be performed in the presence of inspector are Stopping Points. In such parts without inspector presence, inspection, or any other activity will not be continued.

Spot Check: In these cases, staff or QC and QA inspectors can randomly check the process. Operation in such cases is continuous and will not be stopped for inspection.

Document Verification: Sometimes, inspectors should check documentation that provided by manufacturer QC and QA departments , component manufacturer or contractor. Inspectors can review Manufacturing or services as a Spot Check , certify and sign the required certification.

Final File: purpose of collecting documents and finalizing a file is to provide a complete set of documents that related to Projects inspection & equipment inspection, approved quality plan (QP) and other documents and certifications.


Purchased material control:


Controlling submitted materials with the required material list

Checking the sent material with standards

Collecting all data and certificates that related to materials

Preparing receiving material report

Issuing material inspection request form for project monitoring department and receiveing approval

Confirmation of machinery performance

Equipment calibration

Control the production process when material transfer to the production line:

Materials transfer to fragmentation unit:

Checking and controlling the transferred material with issued required material list

Control changes made during material storage time

Controlling carving of documentary code on sheets that issued from storage department

Verification, marking and ready for transfer to the next unit

Fragmentation, Cutting and punching:

Checking and controlling the cutting order with the desired material

Inspection and controlling the cutted pieces

Controlling on carving of documentary code and relevant information

Checking the inspection request form

Confirmation of transfer material to production line

Inspecting and controlling material before and after drilling on sheets

Check the inspection application form and verification it in order to transfer materials to another sections


NDT Inspection: Perform non-destructive testing (PT, MT, UT, RT) according to the reporting procedure

Before welding: instructions application controlling, Pre-heat controlling and edges preparation controlling

During welding: inter-path control and temperature control

After welding: weld appearance control, weld dimensions controlling

Preparation, setting up and welding instructions testing (WPS & PQR) and documents preparation for company projects

studying welding plans and their technical specifications

Check and control the purchase order to being sure about mentioning all required welding materials in purchase order

Check and control the received welding materials according to the purchase order

Observing non-destructive tests to identify defects and provide solutions

Controlling How to store the electrode, powder, welding wire and other welding consumables

Checking application procedure of approved WPS in projects and providing suitable solutions for the best execution of welding instructions (WPS)

Selecting a pilot sample and evaluating the test report and maintaining the records

Preparing NDT MAP Inspection Instructions

Preparing Welding Map

Preparation of related procedures and instructions

Preparing Quality control inspection plan projects ITP and QCP

Meet NCRs from QCs and provide solutions to minimize them and provide relevant statistics

Evaluating the results of destructive and non-destructive tests

Presenting solutions to welders and implementing them to improve quality and quantity

Periodic meetings with welders in order to study common welding defects and their subsequent training, and monthly welders' schedule, including number of correct welds and repairs

Sandblast and color:

Checking and controlling and blasted parts according to data and standards

Controlling and inspecting of assembled accessories

Check the application form for inspection of parts

Parts Verification for final preparation

Preparing invitations to project's monitoring unit in order to parts inspection

Receiving the confirmation from project supervision department to transfer parts to sandblast-paint unit

Invitation letter for project supervision unit:

Receiving confirmation from project monitoring unit for processes correct execution

Issuing Certificates and compliance with inspection forms

Investigate and controlling changes made to piece (damage) at loading time


These documents may also include instructions and procedures for performing project and tracking methods for materials, equipment, or executed operations. In this system, employer could be sure about materials quality and the procedure control.


Documents Review

Setting Final Project File:

Approved results of chemical analysis reports and required physical tests

Weekly and monthly reports

Reporting equipment performance from Workers In Charges

Certification of machinery for regular performance and adjustment

Lacks and performance incompatibility with technical specifications and preparing result report of engineering department

Certified purchased material

Results of confirmed reports of mechanical properties and laboratory reports

Licensing clearance and meeting minutes


Communication and coordination: Communication and coordination between the various procedure stages of QC and QA are shown in following diagram: